In today’s society most people want to be politically correct and some are just very sensitive.  However, when my wife and I saw these I was just surprised.  Now when you hear the term ‘trailer trash’, you often think of low income/welfare people living in a community of single wide trailers.  This is why I was surprised to see a snack with that term in it’s name, BUT nevertheless the snack was here! We saw this in a Marshall’s department store somewhere in Maryland, but never saw it again.  Anyone have this before?  Looks like trail mix to be exact.  I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I can eat a snack with this association.

Photo Credit – Dwight Franklin, Jr.

Photo Location – Marshall’s Department Store, Maryland

Food Status – N/A

Presented by – Dwight H. Franklin, Jr.

Trailer Trash snacks (Posted)


Growing up I never enjoyed and liked peanut butter cookies, especially with chocolate chips in it. So for years I avoided eating peanut butter cookies, nutter butter and other manufactured goodies that were mostly peanut butter. However, I love peanut butter and as I’ve gotten older my taste buds have changed slightly. Now, I still avoid certain peanut butter products because of that artificial flavoring that is put inside our products, but these cookies right here….MMMMM! My wife’s friend, Cheryl, who made these for me one day has shot up to be my favorite. I also have another friend who made homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and they tasted nearly the same! So I know two people that can make me peanut butter chocolate chip cookies at anytime, and I can’t promise that they won’t get devoured! They are made with real peanut butter!

Anyone here like homemade products better than the manufactured items that are on our shelves today?

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cheryl)

Dwight Franklin, Jr.


We want to have a country with slimmer people, size -4 and everyone looking like skinny models with no body mass, but dishes or horrific combinations like this will not get to our goal or to someone’s unrealistic goals…although that goal is not for most of us. Just be happy for who you are and make it a goal to be a healthier you and everything will fall into place. You serious, man!? Ewww!

Photo Credit – N/A

FRIED CHICKEN & DONUTS?!?! This suppose to be a play off of Chicken and Waffles?

Fried Chicken & Donuts


I made a mistake one day and thought these sliced up beets were sliced cranberry sauce, but imagine my upset, surprise look when it tasted nothing like cranberry sauce!! I thought they went bad until my mother explained to me they were beets.  Tasted like dried blood to my taste buds.  If you like these, I don’t judge you and ain’t mad at you either! Lol!  More power to you! I don’t like beets anyway and that definitely didn’t help me lean towards the positive.  My most despise food in the world!


New Year’s weekend of 2017

This huge yellow chicken was spotted in front of the Royal Farms in Largo, Maryland. Now, before moving to upstate NY, I have been to numerous Royal Farms and never seen this, but remember I left the DMV area in March of 2014 so things have changed. I wonder how many huge yellow chickens are like this in the area? Does anyone know? By the way my wife and I went there for lunch, Sunday, New Year’s Eve and discovered they had no lettuce for my Italian sub; which by the way wasn’t all that great and piled on too many jalapeños. Their chicken is supposed to be awesome, which in my opinion it is, but this particular one I’m not sure of. Others may have different views on that issue. However, if you are not aware of Royal Farms and never been to one, it is the southern or mid Atlantic version of Cumberland Farms.

Dwight & Natasha Franklin