Photo Location – 7-11 Convenient Store, Maryland

Photo credit – Shara Bennafield

Someone once said in a recent Facebook post that soon our dinner tables will be filled with potato chips; maching the flavors we now enjoy in real food.  I tell you this, if I walk into a house and our Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Dinner consists of all potato chip (Ham, turkey, sweet potato and potato salad chips) entree, I’m walking out!  What’s next?? Restaurant chains that only sell breakfast, lunch and dinner potato chips?  Just like a jerky store outlet I suppose.  However, this has to meet a limit to where our potato chips don’t taste like certain foods or flavors.  I guess with these chips, just chase them with honey bbq chips for that extra fried, smoke flavor! I guess…anyone?

Presented by – Dwight H. Franklin, Jr.

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