New Year’s weekend of 2017

This huge yellow chicken was spotted in front of the Royal Farms in Largo, Maryland. Now, before moving to upstate NY, I have been to numerous Royal Farms and never seen this, but remember I left the DMV area in March of 2014 so things have changed. I wonder how many huge yellow chickens are like this in the area? Does anyone know? By the way my wife and I went there for lunch, Sunday, New Year’s Eve and discovered they had no lettuce for my Italian sub; which by the way wasn’t all that great and piled on too many jalapeños. Their chicken is supposed to be awesome, which in my opinion it is, but this particular one I’m not sure of. Others may have different views on that issue. However, if you are not aware of Royal Farms and never been to one, it is the southern or mid Atlantic version of Cumberland Farms.

Dwight & Natasha Franklin

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