Cinnamon Bun Oreo

Going through the mall…I love stopping by the Cinnabon and grabbing me a nice, warm, gooey cinnabon.  Of course, I would just relish in the fact that I am eating a high in calorie and sugar treat, but didn’t care.  I didn’t eat it all the time so I could eat it and not worry about it, but sometimes my stomach wouldn’t agree with my taste buds, however, I never had the idea that this should be turned into a cookie.  Now, we have here a Cinnamon Bun Oreo cookie…which I can’t really get behind.  This might be too much cinnamon or just too much to deal with…very sweet!  Yeah…I’m not really feeling this one too much.  Who has tried it and what do you honestly think about it?

Location:  Northway Mall, Colonie, New York

#flavorfulorflavorfoul #flavorful #oreoinsanity #cookieissues

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